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right move | stuttgart relocation.
classical relocation tends to the countless details and loose ends which arise when moving from one
place to the next. That's what we do and have been doing with great success for many years. quick,
reliable and efficient.
relocation services
building block system. — all of our services can be booked
in small units. You can customize the packages to suit
your needs and only pay for the services you actually need.

  • home search — we're successful in finding your new home. because we search the entire market, use our best contacts and remain independent and objective because we don't make deals with real estate agents. That's a matter of principle, and part of our business philosophy.

  • residence and work permits — we get the wheels moving on acquiring the permits long before your employee has even moved to germany. so the work permit is generally waiting for pick-up when the employee arrives.

  • government offices — we prepare documents and paperwork for the government offices, receive registrations and accompany clients where their presence is required.

  • bank service — we open a bank account with immediate access generally before your employee begins working or signs a rental contract for housing.

  • telephone, gas, water, electricity, rubbish disposal — we take care of it.

  • correspondence — we write letters, arrange for repairmen or workmen. We make telephone calls which our clients cannot do because of the language barrier. In short: we reduce the number of work hours used to acclimate new employees within your company.
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